POLYN Usage for Dart employees


The purpose of this guidance is to provide an overview of the POLYN program benefits and outline what conduct is considered prohibited for participants.


This guidance applies to all Dart Employees, including Active Capital Ltd. (ACL) and its subsidiaries.

Failure to Comply

Any use of POLYN not in accordance with the following guidance may result in a suspension of benefits and disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

The use of POLYN cards is subject to monitoring, and any information found as part of the monitoring may be made available to Human Resources, Legal and members of Senior Management.


POLYN is a loyalty program which offers points and discounts to members at selected ACL businesses. Dart and ACL Employees who have passed their probationary period are eligible for a staff account, which includes access to additional discounts that non staff account holders do not.

Dart and ACL employees are welcome to register for the POLYN loyalty program at www.polyn.ky.

POLYN Eligibility

  • Permanent employees who have passed their probationary period are eligible for a Polyn staff account

POLYN Usage Overview

  • Employees are eligible to earn points on their personal purchases only
  • Employees are responsible for all purchases that are made with their POLYN card
  • Employees on approved leave of absence are entitled to continue using their POLYN Staff account
  • Employees who leave employment with Dart or ACL will no longer be entitled to the additional staff discounts, but may keep their points and continue using their card as a regular POLYN loyalty customer
  • POLYN cards remain the property of POLYN and must not be copied, reproduced or shared
  • POLYN cards are not transferable
  • Employees must report lost or stolen cards to info@polyn.ky

Prohibited Conduct

  • Products purchased through the POLYN program cannot be resold
  • Points cannot be added to an account without a valid transaction number or receipt
  • Points cannot be added to an account after the transaction has been completed
  • Employees may not share their POLYN cards or staff discounts with other staff members or third parties. If a purchase is made on behalf of a family member then this must be authorized by a line manager.
  • Employees may not use, retrieve or redeem points that were accrued from a customer’s purchase, this includes those points that remain unused because the customer does not have a POLYN account.
  • Any use of a POLYN card whereby the transaction does not form part of a personal purchase must be brought to the attention of a line manager and authorization sought.