You've earned a bunch of points - that's great! High Five! 

....Now what?

1. First of all, check that you have registered online or on the App. Make sure you use the card number on the card you've been using in store! 

2. Decide what you're going to spend them on! You can use your points as cash at any participating Polyn store - on ANY item!

"I have 2000 points - how much is that in real money?"

Well, there's really no easy answer to this question and the easiest thing to do is pop into one of the stores and the staff will be happy to scan your card and tell you what the dollar value of your points is. 

If that sounds like too much effort and you want to know NOW you can estimate that on average, points are worth between 2 and 5 cents, or approximately 2-5% of the purchase you made when you earned the points. So your 2000 points are worth approximately $40.

Most importantly

  • Points do not expire
  • You can spend them on whatever you like, whenever you like!