Q: I'm already a member of the BlackBeard's & Big Daddy's VIP program - can I just keep using that?

A: Polyn is replacing the VIP program. For more information about these changes click here

Q: I picked up a card in store. How do I register? 

A: You can register your card online here or download the Polyn App from the iTunes or Google Play store

Q: Why do I need to register my card?

A: You need to register your card before you can spend any of the points you've earned. Registering will also make life easier for us to cancel your card and re-issue a new one if you lose it, without you losing your points. Plus it makes it easy for us to send you personalised offers and extra rewards.

Q: I'm trying to register the card I received in store but it's not working!  

A: Make sure you're typing in the card number below the barcode - you should have 19 numbers not including the four digit pin code. If you're still having trouble contact us and we'll do our best to help you asap.  

Q: I've lost my card! What should I do?

A: If you've registered your card, email us at [email protected] - we'll freeze your card and issue you with a new number. Don't worry you won't lose your points

If you haven't registered you card, get in touch with us asap with as many details as you can about where you last used your card. If you have a purchase receipt that would be a great help and we'll try and we'll do our best to reunite you! 

Q: I made some purchases but I can't see them on my account. Can I still get my points?

A: Fill out the form on the contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q: Can I earn points on anything I buy?

A: You will earn points on all transactions at any of the participating merchants, except at BlackBeard's and Big Daddy's where you only earn points on wine and spirits. You can spend them on anything you want though!

Q: How do I find out about special promotions and offers?

A: Check for regular updates on our Facebook page, in store or on the website for regular promotions. We'll also send you personalised promotions just for you if you've signed up for the newsletter. 

Q: Why should I consent to newsletters? Are you going to spam me?

A: No! We would never send spam mail to our valued customers. If you consent to newsletters and Polyn contacting you, we'll be able to send you personalised offers, promotions and invites to Polyn events

Q: I have a business and would love to be part of the Polyn program. Can you add me?

A: In time we hope to expand the Polyn program to other businesss. Please get in touch if you'd like to talk to us about this in more detail.

Q: I used to be able to go into BlackBeard's and Big Daddy's and just give them my Dad's name to use his loyalty membership. Why can't I do that anymore?

A: We want to be able to you for your loyalty, and give you access to promotions and discounts on products that we know you love - so we need everyone to sign up for their own account.